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In order to achieve these objectives, the IIN carries out a number of different actions and activities, which can be grouped into the following categories:

Technical assistance

Medium and long-term processes that take place in agreement with one or several States, which contribute to the design, implementation and/or support of policies, plans or projects.

Studies that make it possible to identify good practices and gaps in legislation and to propose alternatives, whether national or regional.

Identifying “meaningful experiences” and facilitating connections in order to share and transfer knowledge and tools between States.

Setting up opportunities for sharing between technical liaison officers appointed by the relevant States, on specific subjects. These can take different forms; such as networks, discussions, online forums, sharing material.

After analysing practices, forms of intervention are devised in order to promote and protect rights in different situations.

Regular on-site or blended courses are offered in the region; bilateral training agreements in response to the needs of States or organizations; lectures and conferences in specialized areas. Transfer to the States of capabilities in human resources training.

Producing papers, situational assessments, technical guidelines.

Promoting a culture based on rights requires a communications strategy that informs, reports on progress, visualizes issues and shares content to raise awareness on behalf of a culture of rights. This makes it necessary to produce specific communications outputs.

Moving towards the goals outlined in this Action Plan requires ongoing coordination and synchronization with different actors, organizations and strategic partners. This includes a number of different and reciprocal cooperation instruments and forms: agreements, compacts, coordination forums, inclusion in inter-agency networks.

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