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Right to Live in Family

In the region, the number of children and adolescents who have lost or are at risk of losing their environments and parental care continues to be very high. Based on this, the family, society and the state are generating agreements and resources to strengthen nuclear and extended family environments, encouraging community intervention, seeking that children and adolescents maintain the corresponding family care and protection. The IIN works to identify, analyze and disseminate experiences in the implementation of alternative family care models; as well as accompany the States in the work of strengthening the Parental Care Systems.


Since 2011, the IIN has been developing actions aimed at protecting and promoting the human rights of adolescents who come into contact with the Adolescent Criminal Responsibility System, from the conviction that the purpose of these systems, far from being repressive in nature It must be to establish measures that prioritize the best interests of the adolescent involved and guarantee the reparation of the damage caused.

The increase in human mobility in recent years includes Boys, Girls and Adolescents, who travel with their families, and on many occasions without accompaniment, facing not only the challenge of migrating but also risks of different types from those who face are exposed in the process. Within this framework, the IIN has developed various actions aimed at contributing to the strengthening of the capacities of the governing entities of childhood in the protection of the rights of children and adolescents in the context of human mobility.

Through the Inter-American Cooperation Program for the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Exploitation, Trafficking, and Trafficking of Childs and Adolescents, the IIN works on three axes: Collection, systematization, and dissemination of significant information on the issues of sexual exploitation, trafficking and trafficking of girls, boys and adolescents in the region, production of knowledge and instruments that strengthen the capacities of the States in the confrontation of sexual exploitation, trafficking and trafficking of girls, boys and adolescents, and training of Human Resources and assistance technique.

Programa de Cooperación Interamericano para la prevención y erradicación de la explotación sexual, tráfico y trata de niñas, niños y adolescentes

Promoting and protecting rights implies working on the deconstruction of social representations that justify and perpetuate relations of asymmetry and subordination between human beings of different conditions. The IIN-OEA considers that “The perspective of the rights of the child and the gender approach are inseparable from the consolidation and deepening of democracies, not only as a form of government, but as a lifestyle that respects the dignity of all by above the differences ”(IIN, 2015).

For childs and adolescents, the Internet is an instrument for the exercise of multiple rights: freedom of expression, access to information, education, freedom of association and participation in social, cultural and political life. The protection of children and adolescents in virtual environments is a priority for the IIN given that their potentialities coexist with risks and threats.

Lineamientos para el empoderamiento y la protección de los derechos de los niños, niñas y adolescentes en el Internet en Centroamérica y República Dominicana

The right to child and adolescent participation must be a necessary component of any action, program or policy that seeks to work from a rights perspective. Participation is a right, a principle and a process. This raises the need to strengthen, in joint and articulated work, individuals as holders of rights, institutions and organizations that ensure the promotion and protection of those rights, and States as holders of duties and guarantors.

XXII Pan-American Child CongressRed de Corresponsales Infantiles y AdolescentesGrupo Regional Asesor en Participación Infantil y AdolescenteConversatorios de Enlaces de Participación

The comprehensive view of the promotion and protection of the rights of children and adolescents in our region leads to monitoring, strengthening and development of capacities in society and the State parties, around the creation of public policies for the prevention, eradication and attention to violence. Thus, the IIN assumes the commitment to strengthen the adaptation of international regulations to regional diversity, the construction of monitoring and analysis processes of regulations and investigations, the deepening of care protocols and the permanent awareness of the denaturalization of all form of violence.

It is very important to promote and protect people from 0 to 6 years of age due to the particularity of their care, development and learning processes, also encouraging comprehensive and interdisciplinary intervention, and thus breaking the circles of poverty or violation of their rights . The IIN resolves to prioritize the study and preparation of guidelines and instruments that strengthen the capacities of the States of the Inter-American System in the design and implementation of comprehensive protection policies for this age group.

With the creation in 2019 of the Inter-American Program for the consolidation of the National Systems for the Promotion and Integral Protection of the Rights of Boys, Girls and Adolescents, the IIN seeks to contribute to the creation and / or consolidation of the SIPINNAs in the States of the region promoting intersectoral, inter-institutional, comprehensive and decentralized functioning with a presence in the territories, including the permanent participation of organizations of children and adolescents at different levels of complexity.

Within the framework of the Inter-American Program on this matter approved by the OAS General Assembly, the IIN develops research actions, systematization of experiences, elaboration of procedural tools, training processes, as well as the development of spaces for dialogue and exchange that promote and contribute to better inter-institutional coordination and cooperation, among the actors that have indirect and direct competences in the attention of these cases and in the restitution of rights.

Inter-American cooperation program to prevent and repair cases of international abduction of minors by one of their parents.

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