Work plan (Created during the XIV RIIN Workshop)


The following work plan consists of those points that were discussed on the occasion of the 14th Regional Workshop of the Inter-American Child Information Network (RIIN) held in Mexico in October 2003.

This plan is subject to discussion by all members of the Network. Its final version is expected to be ready before the end of the year.


  1. Creating a form for the year 2004 to be used for measuring the quality of the services and materials sent by participating Centers, by:

  1. Developing a form indicating what is sent to the users

  2. Developing a system for the evaluation of materials

  3. Developing a system for the evaluation of services

  1. Simultaneously, a mechanism will be developed in order to see how the information is used by the user.

  2. Taking account of the Pan-American Child Congress to be held in Mexico in September 2004, it was decided that the issue of Family will be the central subject for the RIIN and its three information units to work with.

  3. The entry of Projects into the database will take place along with the entry of the documentation produced by it into the OPD Document module

  4. As in the case of Projects, the entry of Organizations will have to include the entry of the corresponding institutional documentation into the module

  5. As far as items 4 and 5 are concerned, the entry of the documentation derived from those projects and Organizations that have been detected will have to be checked. In case the documental information corresponding to that particular Project or Organization should not exist, this information will have to be collected and entered.

  6. Carrying out a virtual Workshop in July and August 2004 on the following subjects:

    1. Free and controlled vocabulary, coordinated by Silvana Bruno.
    2. Alternatives in the use of internet in order to improve the quality of the services, coordinated by Jorge Visca


  1. Preferential Full-Text entry, 50 texts per month and per center on average.

  2. To enter all the documentation derived from the new Projects that are incorporated into the Database

  3. To continue with a level of 100 monthly entries per Center

  4. To establish links between those institutional Websites that correspond to members of the RIIN

  5. To standardize the information diffused through the Web pages (Yellow Pages, Green Pages, Bibliographic Magazines and Bibliographic Alerts)

  6. To process the survey on access to communication alternatives by members of the RIIN, which was conducted during the XIV RIIN Regional Workshop.

Information dispatch to the RIIN’s Coordination Center

  • November 28 2003

  • Last working day of April 2004

  • Last working day of July 2004

  • XVI RIIN Regional Workshop (November 2004, Montevideo)  

Suggestions made by the participants

  • Communicating any change in the organizational structures or services which might affect the rest of the Centers

  • An evaluation of the use of new mechanisms for package dispatch –for example, by returning to the use of the diplomatic bag–, which would be carried out by all the Centers

  • Carefully classifying the types of users who join and make use of the OPD Services and therefore, of RIIN

  • Evaluation of the mechanisms used in sending materials to the different centers by accelerating this process, which tends to be slow.