15th Regional Workshop of the
Inter-American Network of Information on Children and the Family - RIIN

June 21-25,  2004
 Solís Beach, Maldonado, Uruguay 



Monday June 21, 2004: 

  8.00 hs     Departure for Solis Beach
10.00 hs     
Official opening of the event
10.15 hs     Primera sesión de Capacitación: Proceso de Ingreso, Eduardo Lopez - Centro El Salvador:

  • Data Entry, Organizations, Projects and Documents.

  • Criteria and Quality regarding Information

  • Data Depuration

  • "Dr. Luis Morquio" Virtual Library

13.00 hs     Lunch
14.30 hs     Second Training session: Send and reception process, Creating centres, Silvana Bruno - Coordinación RIIN:

  • Dispatch as a Participating Center

  • Dispatch as a National Coordination Center

  • Dispatch Receipt

  • Creation of Centers, Work Route and Definition

18.30 hs     Presentation of Centres

  • Colombia - ICBF

  • Costa Rica - "Information Available to the User" - UNA Lorena Herrera

  • Paraguay - SNNA José Cardozo

19:00 hs     End of day's work

Tuesday June 22, 2004  

9.00 hs      Third Training session: System statistics, Jorge Visca - Coordinación RIIN:

  • Analysis of the Information

  • Data Updating Process

  • Report-Making

13.00 hs      Lunch
14.50 hs     
Fourth Training session: Services of RIIN, Inda Klein - Argentina:

  • Consultation Processing, Use of Special Characters

  • Provision of Services from OPD

  • Request Processing

18.30 hs      Presentation of Centres:

19:30 hs      End of day's work

Wednesday June 23, 2004 

  9.30 hs      Presentation on "Commercial Sexual Exploitation" by the Coordinator of the Program of Promotion of
                    the Rights of the Child (PRODER), Lic. Gustavo Forselledo.

11.00 hs      Presentation "The Superior Interest of Child" by the Coordinator of the Juridical Program (PROJUR)
13.00 hs     
14.30 hs      Tour of the cities of Piriapolis and Punta del Este 

Thursday June 24, 2004 

  9.00 hs      Presentation of Centres:

  9.30 hs      Beginning of work in Workshop format: Organizations and Proyects, Ing. Julio Rosenblatt, PIINFA Coordinator.
13.00 hs     
14.30 hs      Presentation of Centres:

14.50 hs      Continuation of Workshop: Vocabulary of RIIN..
17.00 hs      Pan-american Child Congress: structure, presentations, bases of documents delivery,
                   IIN coordination
18.30 hs      Presentation of Centres:

19.00 hs      End of day's work

Friday June 25, 2004 

  9.00 hs      Presentation of Centres:

  • Coordinator Centre  - IIN Silvana Bruno

  • Uruguay - INAME Matilde Fagundez

  • Uruguay - BICE Freddy Frachia

  • Brasil - New Centre, Alexandre dos Reis

  9.30 hs      Continuation of second day of work in Workshop format: Generation of the 2004-2005 Work Plan  .
11.45 hs     
End of Workshop
12.00 hs     
13.00 hs     
Return to Montevideo.
15.00 hs     
Lecture by the Director General of the IIN, Lic. Alejandro Bonasso, "Adolescent Criminal
16.00 hs     
Closing ceremony
16.30 hs      Visit to the facilities of the IIN