Poll to establish main topics of Training Course
for the 15th Regional Workshop of RIIN

June 21-25, 2004, Solis Beach, Maldonado, Uruguay


The 15th Regional Workshop of RIIN will be held in Uruguay on June 21-25, 2004. Its structure will be the following: 

  1. Intensive two day training course (June 21-22) on the RIIN tools, with particular emphasis on how to use the system.
  2. June 23. Specific topics of the IIN’S PRODER and PROJUR Programs. 19th Pan-American Congress on the Child.
  3. Evaluation of the Network in Workshop format where topics originated in the 14th Workshop will be analyzed and a work strategy for next year will be elaborated.

The preceding structure for the Workshop is due to the high mobility of the personnel of the participating RIIN Centers. The idea is to re-train all personnel.  

In view of this, we request that all participants complete the attached questionnaire in order to determine the priority topics to be dealt with in the training.  

Up to three priority topics should be marked. Also you may suggest one or more topics not mentioned in the questionnaire. If you wish, you may also specify the levels of depth or specific items within the topics.  

Topics that I consider important to discuss










1. Entering documents





2. Indexation process





3. New document formats





4. Handling of the system















1. Selection criteria





2. Updating process





3.  Handling of the system















1. Selection and entry criteria





2. Refining and updating process





3. Rapport with the modules of Organizations and Documents





4. Handling of the system










OPD system





1. Problems related to installation, remittance, etc.





2. Use of statistical data for management















1. Understanding of some complex themes (suggest)





2. Criteria in using the Free Vocabulary















1. Photocopying services. Handling of requests





2. Updating of the Virtual Library (full text documents)





3. Report generation (Bibliographical Revue, Yellow Pages, Green Pages)










Setting up and Monitoring Centers





1. Creation of a National Network





2. Decentralization of  Participating Centers, use of organizational internal networks





3. Process to receive and send communications with members of the National Network





4. Monitoring and evaluation of the Networks