Lyric of the Video "We Want to Live"


Lyrics: “We Want To Live" 

the sky is all red from the bombing raid
the earth is shaking
the wind is burning 

the solitary street asking for help
the broken corner eating garbage 

and the world is fragile like that child
who tenderly looks to some future 

and the world is hard like that stone
that breaks the glass even though I can’t hear its sound 

today, a girl’s voice
asked for warmth
death passed by
the girl’s cries
made silence explode 

nothing is yours, everything is mine,
nothing is ours, or anyone’s 

nothing is certain, everything is shady,
the air shaking, cold burning 

hope in dribs and drabs
it’s never too late, it still stands
never too late to change,

to shake this hard world, to look for what’s tender
to look for what’s good, there’s much left of it
to save life, which is a right
to save life,
all of it
to live all of life, to feel its goodness