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The adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989 launched a new era in the history of childhood, definitively doing away with the image of “minors” as the object of “compassion – repression” and evolving into children or adolescents as full holders of rights.

El IIN hoy

The Convention has been and continues to be the conceptual point of reference for the work of the Inter-American Children’s Institute, which, throughout its 84-year history, has worked without interruption on achieving the well-being of the children in the region.

As an OAS Specialized Organization, the IIN has developed its own strategy in order to achieve consistent and constant progress for the benefit of the children of the Americas, producing an Action Plan in order to guide the activities to be embarked upon during the period 2011-2015.

It has invested significant efforts in ensuring that issues concerning children should be included in the region’s political agenda and, in this respect, its strategy has been based on strengthening its presence in the political arena, through the promotion and implementation of international and regional forums.

Historically, the IIN’s philosophy has involved – and will continue to involve – adapting its form of operating to reality, programmatic needs and the requirements of different countries in the region, seeking above all else, the defence and comprehensive promotion of the rights of all children.

At present, the Inter-American Children’s Institute directs its efforts towards contributing to the development of public policies which will guarantee the promotion and implementation of the rights of childhood, fostering cooperation with civil society.


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