Areas of Incidence

Early Childhood

The IIN has, in recent years, addressed and carried out actions in a number of States which provide precedents and significant lessons learned for the implementation of a national plan, a public policy or a monitoring system with a comprehensive vision and based on rights. In this respect, we should highlight recent experiences in some of the States, in which contributions have been made both in the design of national policies for children and in the establishment of an indicators menu and the implementation of an information monitoring system from a perspective of rights.

It is in this area that we propose a systematization of the region’s information with regard to intervention strategies and efficient institutional architecture implemented through universal comprehensive policies for early childhood based on rights, in order to derive lessons. On this basis, it would be possible to carry out technical recommendations with the purpose of improving institutional efficiency and clarity (roles, leadership, coordination between sectors and government levels), which are essential in public policy or comprehensive services for early childhood.

Guidelines and recommendations derived from the analysis of the experience will be embodied in specific tools; such as, for example, a toolkit for the protection of comprehensive rights in early childhood, which could include guides, route sheets to enable coordination amongst services at the territorial level and in order to address the situation of children deprived of the right to a family for various reasons. In addition, we propose producing a monitoring system for the rights perspective, applicable in the different States in the region, taking into account their respective features. All of which would be accompanied by the design of visibilization strategies for early childhood, including training for human resources and awareness-raising activities to promote the rights of early childhood in the States.


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